Overcoming the US Resin Shortage of 2022:

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US Resin Shortage of 2022

The US resin shortage in 2022 has been a major concern for the plastic industry and businesses that rely on plastic materials. The shortage has resulted in higher demand and prices for plastic resin.

The shortage can be traced back to the ongoing impact of COVID-19 and the severe winter storms in the South in 2022. The pandemic caused disruptions in production and delivery, while the storms forced oil refineries to shut down, leading to a rise in resin prices.

This shortage has affected various sectors across the US. It has resulted in high demand for resins such as polyethylene, nylon, PC, epoxy, polyester, and vinyl, which has outstripped the supply. This has made it challenging for manufacturers to acquire the materials they need.

2023 Forecast

As we enter 2023, it’s expected that the economy will experience a soft landing rather than a recession. The demand for plastic should improve as businesses work through their excess inventory. Resin supply is expected to be abundant compared to the past two years, thanks to new PE and PP capacities in the US and China and a decrease in supply chain and energy costs.

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