Pet and Playground Products Announces Name Change to Hercules Outdoor Amenities

Pet and Playground Products Announces Name Change to Hercules Outdoor Amenities [Eclectic, Alabama] – Pet and Playground Products, a leading provider of outdoor amenities, has announced a name change to better reflect the expanded scope of their services. The new name, Hercules Outdoor Amenities, highlights the company’s commitment to providing a wide range of high-quality outdoor amenities for commercial and residential properties.

 Our clients’ needs have expanded, and so must we,” said Bob Hansen, Director of Sales of Hercules Outdoor Amenities. “As we transition into more resort-style outdoor amenities, we have decided to change our name to Hercules Outdoor Amenities. We are excited to continue providing our clients excellent service and top-of-the-line outdoor amenities.

Hercules Outdoor Amenities is a subsidiary of Hercules Poly Incorporated, which started 30 years ago as a manufacturer of poly bags and eventually expanded to include domestic and international sourcing and warehousing. Over the years, the company broadened its product lines to include dog waste bags, pet waste stations, dog park equipment, fencing, and playgrounds. As the company grew, they realized they needed a separate outdoor amenities division; thus, Pet and Playground Products was born.

Through their work in the multifamily industry, Hercules Outdoor Amenities saw a need to do more than just sell outdoor products. They wanted to enhance the entire customer experience and provide a turnkey solution across the USA. They provide ready-to-use finished projects from greenspace design to sourcing and logistics. They take on the whole project giving their clients one touch point and one invoice. They expanded their services from dog parks and playgrounds to larger-scale projects, such as repurposing tennis courts, outdoor seating areas, fire pits, kitchens, games, shading, and more.

The name change to Hercules Outdoor Amenities reflects the company’s evolution and commitment to providing exceptional outdoor amenities for their clients. The new name will help clarify the company’s services and better represent their expanded offerings.

We are the same great company, but with a better name,” said Bob. “We are excited to continue growing and helping people enjoy the outdoors with our high-quality outdoor amenities.

For more information on Hercules Outdoor Amenities and their services, visit their website at

Contact: Scott Gardner, Sr. Director of Marketing, Hercules Inc. 334.541.3525, 315 Main Street, Eclectic, AL 36024



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