Amenities & Activities: What Baby Boomers Look for in a 55+ Community

As baby boomers approach retirement, they are increasingly seeking out active adult communities that offer a wide range of amenities and activities. These communities provide an ideal setting for socialization, recreation, and maintaining an active lifestyle.

When designing an outdoor amenity-filled community for 55+ residents, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. Common areas should be designed to encourage socialization and recreation, while outdoor amenities should promote an active lifestyle. Finally, special events and programming can help create a sense of community among residents. Our products are designed to help create a community within your community. Friends don’t want to leave their friends. When their lease is up, they have a choice of where to live, the friends they have made and the amenities you offer give them a reason to stay. 

As people age, they often seek out communities that offer a more active lifestyle. This is especially true for baby boomers, who are now entering their retirement years. There are many benefits to living in an amenity-filled 55+ community, including:

  • Access to social activities and recreation: One of the main reasons people seek out these types of communities is for social opportunities. In an amenity-filled community, there are plenty of chances to meet new friends and participate in activities together.


  • A sense of community: These communities often have a strong sense of community, which can be beneficial for those who are looking for a supportive group of friends.


  • Maintenance-free living: Another big selling point for these communities is that they offer maintenance-free living. This means that residents don’t have to worry about yard work or home repairs – the association takes care of all that.


  • Resort-style amenities: Many amenity-filled communities offer resort-style amenities, such as swimming pools, pickleball and tennis courts, and golf courses. This gives residents access to all the fun and relaxation of a vacation without having to leave home.

Incorporating outdoor amenities that promote an active lifestyle.

To promote an active lifestyle for residents, it’s important to incorporate outdoor amenities that encourage physical activity. This could include:

  • installing a state-of-the-art outdoor fitness areas with cardiovascular and strength-training equipment, personal training services, and group exercise classes
  • building tennis courts, pickleball courts, or bocce ball courts for residents to enjoy competitive games
Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Amenity-Filled 55+ Community.

When designing the common areas of your 55+ community, it’s important to keep socialization and recreation in mind. Creating spaces that encourage residents to interact with one another will help foster a sense of community within the development. Some ideas for doing this include:

  • Incorporating seating areas into the design of common areas so that residents have a place to relax and chat with one another
  • Designing walking paths or jogging trails that weave through the community so that residents can stay active while also enjoying the outdoors
  • Adding unique features such as fire pits and outdoor kitchens to common areas as a gathering place for residents



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